The Executioner: an RPG Horror about a monster in every man

  • Genre: Single-player non-linear horror RPG
  • Supported Languages: English + Russian
  • Steam Page

The Executioner is a grim, occasionally cruel game that takes place in a Kingdom on the brink of revolution. It tells the story of a man who inherited his father’s trade: to torture and execute criminals in the name of the Crown and for the amusement of the bloodthirsty masses. In his spare time the Executioner attempts to clear his own conscience investigating his victims’ crimes.

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The Executioner is an RPG Thriller from an independent team of Russian developers.

This grim and often cruel game set in a kingdom on the brink of a revolution tells the story of a man who inherited his father’s job: to torture and execute prisoners in the name of the Crown and to the delight of the bloodthirsty crowd.

As he tries to strike a balance between his duty and his sanity, the Executioner investigates alleged crimes on his own time, trying find the answers tormenting his own mind.

About the Hero
About the Hero
  • The protagonist belongs to the lowest strata of society.
  • The hero's synesthesia as his own unique way to see the world and understand people.
  • You'll be playing a professional torturer and face dilemmas civilised people rarely have to face.
  • The protagonist is the only legal supplier of the black «body market», since the executioner can claim bodies of the people he's slain.
  • Off putting appearance and reputation don't leave much room for diplomacy — it'll be a lot easier to intimidate or maim people than to persuade them.
About the World
About the World
  • You enter the game at a tumultuous time: the Dark Ages meet a budding industrial society.
  • Reality that's alien to most of us: constant hunger, high child mortality, horrific epidemics that leave cities empty.
  • The New Faith, supported by the Crown is fighting emerging science, while adepts of the Old Faith call upon the ancient gods.
  • Mysticism and occult arts based on such tools as The Hand of Glory, mandrake root, Tarot cards.
  • Eight different endings for the hero and the world itself.
About the Torture
About the Torture
  • Torture is like a battle where the Executioner's skill and selected tactics play against the mental and physical characteristics of the victim in a limited time frame.
  • A system of injuries (a cruel, but quick path to the truth).
  • A system of mental disorders: the human mind can't cope with violence and needs to recuperate.
  • An option to keep your hands clean and leave the dirty work to your assistant. Later deal with the consequences of his incompetence and obsession with violence.
  • Your father’s diary: a train of breadcrumbs — or a manual on what NOT to do?